Vitamin D Test kit NHS Approved

Vitamin D Test kit NHS Approved | at Home Vitamin D Test kit for Deficiency


  • Know Your Vitamin D Levels in Minutes: Get peace of mind with our fast and accurate at-home Vitamin D test. Discover your 25(OH)D levels in just 20 minutes from the comfort of your own home. No appointments, no waiting rooms – just immediate insight into your health.
  • Prevent Serious Health Consequences: Vitamin D deficiency can lead to bone issues, immune system weaknesses, and even increase your risk of chronic diseases. Our test empowers you to identify potential deficiencies early and take proactive steps towards optimal health.
  • Easy & Painless Sample Collection: Our kit contains everything you need for a simple finger prick test. No bulky needles or invasive procedures. Follow the clear instructions, collect a few blood spots, and receive your results quickly and conveniently.
  • Understand Your Results with Confidence: Our test provides clear, color-coded results based on established medical guidelines. You’ll instantly know if your Vitamin D levels are deficient, insufficient, or optimal. No confusing interpretations, just actionable insights.
  • Take Control of Your Health: Monitoring your Vitamin D levels is crucial for overall well-being. Our kit gives you the power to manage your health proactively, make informed decisions about supplementation, and confidently discuss your results with your doctor if needed.


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