Self-Management Individualised Learning Environment (SMILE)


 Self-Management Individualised Learning Environment (SMILE) is an engaging real life experience, Blog posts, Articles,  interactive e-learning experience. 

                                          It’s FREE!

SMILE  has different modules  and article for self awareness and learning to improve health wellbeing awareness.  There is an intuitive interface making it easy to use and navigate.  A voluntary group of health professionals are engaged to post different valuable health wellbeing, nutrition wellbeing and psychological articles for better quality of life. This evidence based scientific information will guide and sign post social prescribing environment for happy  and healthy life. You can direct your learning experience and choose whichever articles  interest you to explore next.

We understand health & wellbeing means physical, emotional, occupational, intellectual, financial, social, environmental and spiritual dimension of our life.


Current Articles and Posts

Important health and well being related articles of are found in this section to improve awareness. We aim to focus on Oral Health, Brain health, Lung health, Heart health, Gut health, Kidney health, Muscle skeletal health, skin health, Reproductive health, Hormone Health related articles to publish. All beneficial health supplements can be purchased from original market sources.  

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