Anemia Home Test Kit, NHS Approved

HSO Anemia Home Test Kit, NHS Approved Fast Iron deficiency test for Iron testing | Ferritin Test Kit for Anemia ( 1 Test )


  • Convenient and Fast Iron Level Check: Take control of your health with this easy-to-use home test kit. Get results in under an hour from the comfort of your own home, no doctor’s visit needed.
  • Detect Iron Deficiency Early: Monitor your Ferritin levels, a key indicator of iron stores. Low levels (below 30ng/mL) signal potential iron deficiency or anemia, allowing you to act proactively with dietary changes or supplements.
  • Simple and Reliable: Our CE-approved test kit comes with clear instructions for a quick and painless blood sample collection. Results ensure accuracy and peace of mind.
  • Prevent Worsening Symptoms: Monitor iron levels regularly to avoid fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath, and other iron deficiency symptoms. Early detection can prevent these from worsening and impacting your daily life.
  • Empower Your Health Journey: This test is a valuable tool for understanding your individual iron needs. Use the results to optimize your diet or consult your doctor for personalized advice and potential next steps.
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