Celiac Test / Gluten Intolerance kit NHS Approved

Celiac Test kit NHS Approved | Gluten Intolerance Test Easy & Accurate Coeliac Test Results in 10-Minutes

  • Fast Self-Testing at Home: Complete your Coeliac Self Test in the comfort of your home to quickly determine the presence of Coeliac disease. Gain valuable insights into whether you may be Coeliac without the need for a clinic visit.
  • Comprehensive Symptom Understanding: Identify potential Coeliac Disease with this test, especially if you experience symptoms such as diarrhea, bloating, nausea, weight loss, tiredness, or skin ailments. Understanding the presence of IgA and IgG antibodies against Coeliac, guides you in considering dietary changes or supplements for a healthier lifestyle.
  • Everything You Need in One Box: The hermetically sealed aluminium pouch contains all essential components, including the Celiac test cassette, desiccant bag, pipette for blood collection, alcoholic cleansing gauze, sterile lancets for self-drawing blood, and a vial with dropper tip containing sufficient Celiac test diluent.
  • Easy-to-Use Kit: The compact kit includes all necessary components for a hassle-free testing experience. Clear instructions ensure a straightforward process, allowing you to complete the sample collection and testing in just 10 minutes.
  • Cost-Effective & Accessible: Save time and money compared to clinic visits with this affordable home testing solution, readily available for personal convenience.
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