Anaemia Test Kit Iron Deficiency Ferritin Testing Blood Anemia Test

Anaemia Test Kit Iron Deficiency Ferritin Testing Blood Anemia Test One Step (2 Tests)

  • WHY DO I NEED THIS ANAEMIA TEST? Anaemia is a common and potentially dangerous condition of the blood brought about when the body does not produce enough red blood cells. Anaemia due to iron depletion is widely held in children and women of all ages but mainly in women who still have their period (at least 20% suffer from iron deficiency)
  • WHAT ARE THE CONSEQUENCES OF UNTREATED ANEMIA? Without proper treatment, anaemia can lead to exacerbation of symptoms, causing increased fatigue and weakness. Additionally, individuals may be at risk of developing angina or experiencing discomfort in their legs while walking. Moreover, untreated anaemia can compromise the body’s immune function, making individuals more susceptible to infections, resulting in a higher susceptibility to infections
  • HOW DOES THE FERRITIN TEST WORK? Ferritin is a protein and the primary form of iron stored inside cells. An abnormal result means that the ferritin concentration in blood is lower than 30 ng/mL which indicates possible iron deficiency
  • WHEN SHOULD THE TEST BE USED? The Ferritin Rapid Test Cassette should be performed if you have symptoms like paleness, feeling tired, headaches, faster heartbeat or shortness of breath during exercise, or (in women), when pregnant or in case of excessive bleeding during periods
  • POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE RESULT: In both cases, the blood test serves as a valuable diagnostic tool. Positive results confirm the presence of Ferritin leading to prompt and targeted treatment, while negative results help exclude Anaemia as a cause, guiding healthcare providers toward other potential diagnoses and treatment options
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