Male Fertility Sperm Test Sperm Count

Easy@Home Male Fertility Sperm Test: Indicates Normal or Low Sperm Count | Convenient Accurate Private

  • The Easy@Home male fertility test is a quick test for home for qualitative detection of specific protein 10 (SP10) in . This simple fertility test lets you quickly know if your sperm count is in the normal range.
  • As accurate as a laboratory test: more than 98% accuracy in detecting sperm concentration according to the cut-off value. Two lines mean normal (sperm count ≥15 millions/mL), one line means low sperm concentration (sperm count < 15 millions/mL).
  • Comfortable and private: no hle, no embarrment and no inconvenience of a doctor’s visit Testing the sperm count at home has never been so easy.
  • Fast results: The sperm test for men is very easy to use and the results can be read within 5-10 minutes.
  • Re and trusted brand: This sperm rapid test is offered by Easy@Home, a brand dedicated to being the best provider of home testing. Our experienced and professional customer service is at your disposal for all incoming questions.
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