Portable Nebuliser Machine for Adults and Kids

Portable Nebuliser Machine for Adults and Kids,Handheld Steam Inhaler for Home Use Only, Cool Mist Atomizer with Storage Bag, Ultra-Quiet and Efficient Atomization

  • Advanced Nebulization Technology – With an impressive nebulization speed exceeding 0.2ml/min,inhaler nebuliser produces ultra-fine particles measuring no more than 3.5μm,providing swift relief for breathing problems,sinus,cold and flu.At the same time, there is very little residue, reducing nebuliser solution waste.
  • Available anytime&anywhere – Designed with convenience in mind,the hand held nebuliser offers the flexibility to operate with either batteries or USB connection.Whether you’re at home, on vacation, or at work,you can experience the freedom of nebulization.
  • Available to everyone – The nebuliser machine is designed to cater to the needs of every age group.From adults seeking efficiency to children requiring a comforting experience and the elderly in need of ease-of-use, our portable nebuliser caters to the diverse needs of all users.
  • Easy to operate – The portable mesh mist machine has a one-button switch.You pour in the nebuliser solution, such as nebuliser saline solution,salbutamol nebuliser solution,and so on. And then gently press the switch to start using. It comes equipped with an intelligent feature that automatically shuts down within 10 seconds when there’s no liquid left, saving energy and providing peace of mind.
  • Ultra-Quiet – Engineered with a focus on delivering a tranquil experience, this innovative portable nebuliser operates at a noise level of less than 25dB, ensuring a peaceful environment for you and those around you.
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