Asthma, Bronchitis, COPD, Cystic Fibrosis Mucus Relief Cleanser & Lung Expansion Device

Mucus Relief Cleanser & Lung Expansion Device by Tilcare – Breathing Exerciser for Better Fitness & Sleep – Perfect Treatment Aid for COPD, Asthma, Bronchitis & Cystic Fibrosis – OPEP Flutter Machine

  • OPEP technology used to remove mucus and strengthen lungs – Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure helps to expand the lungs and aids with Mucus Relief, which will improve your overall health, fitness and provide better sleep.
  • Easy to use – This Lung Exercise Device does not require any batteries or refills, making it perfect for long term breathing problems or recovery assistance.
  • Great for improving lung health – This Breather Machine works to cleanse your airways and serves as a portable trainer, helping to improve respiratory issues like COPD, pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis & cystic fibrosis as well as help acapella performance and smokers detox.
  • Free filter included extra – The filter will remove 99% of viral and bacterial matter from within the airways to prevent recirculation of toxins as well as keep your Lung Expander device cleaner for longer.
  • No risk attached; This Mucus Exhaler comes with a 30-day manufacturer guarantee, giving you peace of mind.
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