NiQuitin Invisible Nicotine Patch

NiQuitin 14 mg Nicotine Patch – Step 2 – Stop Smoking Aid Therapy – 14 Clear Patches for 2 Weeks Treatment – 24h Craving Control – Invisible Nicotine Patches,14 Count (Pack of 1)

  • Control nicotine cravings: Offering 24 hour craving control while relieving major withdrawl symptoms
  • Smart Control Technology: Releases a fast and continuous flow of therapeutic nicotine – transparent patches for discreet application
  • Step 2: Designed for smokers who smoke less than 10 cigarettes a day – the step-down quitting programme is designed to help you quit smoking based on your smoking habits
  • How to use: Apply one patch to the skin once a day, preferably when waking up and immediately after it is pulled out from its sachet – if preferred, remove the patch after 16 hours before going to bed
  • The successful NiQuitin range makes it easier to quit smoking one day at a time – For an Unbeatable Way of Quitting combine NiQuitin Patches with NiQuitin Minis or Lozenges


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