Moller’s Omega 3 Jellies for Children

Moller’s ® | Omega 3 Jellies for Children | Strawberry | 36 Capsules

  • FOR CHILDREN AND ADULTS – Möller’s Omega-3 Jelly Fish meet Omega-3 needs. The Nordic fish oil jellies do not contain added sugar
  • VITAMINS – Essential DHA and EPA fatty acids support the development and maintenance of vision, brain and heart functions. Möller’s contains vitamins and minerals like vitamin D. D vitamins are important building blocks to maintain a healthy immune system
  • EASY TO CHEW AND SWALLOW – Due to their smooth and soft texture, Möller’s Omega-3 Jelly Fish taste great and are easy to chew and swallow. Natural aroma and no sugar added. Give them to the kids with breakfast or add two treats to their lunch box
  • IMPORTANT – Omega-3 fatty acids are a part of the essential nutrients that the body can’t produce itself. Therefore, they have to be consumed through food or dietary supplement, which is made easier with Möller’s Omega-3 supplements
  • 166 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN SCANDINAVIA – Möller’s is a Norwegian brand that has been a leader in the production of Omega-3 fish oil since 1854. This makes Möller’s one of the oldest and biggest producers of supplements in Scandinavia. Through years of experience and constant modernisation, Möller’s has been able to achieve the highest quality and purity, allowing you to feel safe and healthy
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