Health Bee Calm Relaxation and Wellbeing Support

Unbeelievable Health Bee Calm Relaxation and Wellbeing Support – Created by Nutritional Experts – Help Increase Resistance to Stress – Plant Based & Gluten Free (3 Packs)

  • NATURAL STRESS AND ANXIETY SUPPORT: Bee Calm supplements help you stay calm in stressful or tense situations – from work meetings and exams, hectic lifestyles and busy schedules, fear of flying or public speaking. Ingredients help provide support during times of stress, anxiety and low moods.
  • ACTIVE, NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Lemon balm helps aid relaxation, Passion flower helps support calmness and helps increase the body’s resistance to stress, Magnesium contributes to normal psychological and nervous system function, which is especially beneficial in periods of stress and low moods.
  • ONGOING BENEFITS: The highest quality ingredients are selected for our research-based approach to health. While this product can help after just one dose, in addition, benefits build up over time, helping support mental wellbeing. Capsule contents may be opened into drinks.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY PLANT-BASED INGREDIENTS: This supplement includes royal jelly, lemon balm, rhodiola, magnesium, lion’s mane mushroom, l-theanine, passion flower & more. Unbeelievable Health supplements are plant based and all free from gluten, soy, yeast, sugar, fillers and GMOs. Contains 20 capsules.
  • UK MADE: Our supplements are manufactured in one of the UK’s top GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facilities. 


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