Female Fertility Tests Menopause Testing Kit

Female Fertility Tests Menopause Testing Kit FSH Midstreams

  • FOLLICLE STIMULATING HORMONE: This test is suitable for you to do at home and measures the levels of F.S.H. in a sample of your urine. High levels of F.S.H. can signal that your body is entering menopause
  • EARLY DETECTION: FSH urine tests can help in the early detection of menopause by measuring elevated FSH levels, which typically occur as a woman approaches menopause. This allows for timely intervention and management of symptoms
  • SAFE, STERILE PROFESSIONAL: Each One Step FSH Test is individually sealed to prevent contamination
  • SIMPLE, ACUURATE AND EASY TO USE: The test’s clear result format with two lines for positive and one for negative makes it easy for users to interpret their FSH levels accurately, providing a straightforward indication of their menopausal status without complex analysis
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