High Strength Himilayan Shalajit Resin for Men

Shilajit Capsules 16,000mg – 60% Fulvic Acid (from 400mg 40:1 Extract Ratio) – Added Ashwagandha, Turmeric, Lions Mane and Black Pepper – High Strength Himilayan Shalajit Resin.

  • Introducing our Shilajit 5-in-1 SS Sport Supplies Formula, a comprehensive combination of Shilajit Pure Himalayan Extract, Ashwagandha, Lion’s Mane, Turmeric and black pepper, enriched with 5 potent ingredients. Experience the power in one convenient formula. These Himalayan Shilajit 5-in-1 capsules provide a great alternative to Shilajit resin with no taste.
  • Our advanced formula of Natural Shilajit Capsules are designed for both men and women. SS Sport Supplies presents a potent 5-in-1 formula. Our capsules have a potent 400mg of pure Himalayan extract 40:1 ration per capsule. That means, 16-grams of Himalayan Shilajit was used to make a concentrated 40:1 extract.
  • Why Choose Our Product – Firstly, our capsules have no binding/bulking agents or fillers compared to tablets or other capsule products. Some products have brown rice flour to bulk out their capsules, they do this because they have little active ingredient. Our capsules have 400mg Shilajit (equivalent to 16,000mg), 100mg Ashwagandha, 100mg turmeric, 100mg lion’s mane (equivalent to 2,000mg) and 10mg of black pepper. Yes, all this in one convenient capsule for a 120 day supply.
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