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About Wellbeing Club

Health Wellbeing Nutrition Club (HWC) is a voluntary community support programme to promote happy and healthy life. The aim is to improve self awareness of personal health and wellbeing. 

What is wellbeing club

We aim to give people access to reliable guidelines evidence based information to support anyone on their health, nutrition wellbeing towards a healthy, happy life style. You can receive information and shop relevant products.

Function of wellbeing club

Health & nutrition advice with recommended shopping from various categories including vitamins, nutrition, skin & beauty, weight management and systematic human body function health products.

Health wellbeing club

Focused on health social prescription and wellbeing through recommendation and sign posting.

Nutrition wellbeing club

Evidence based nutrition advice, dietary supplement and weight management advice and supplements.

Wealth wellbeing club

Our voluntary health programme work along side with wealth management to support entrepreneurship.

Search for resources

Try searching our resource hub to find the articles, videos, tools and publications most helpful for you.

Get Involved

There are many ways in which you can get involved to support HWNC, from writing an health articles or recommended guidelines or engaging with social prescribing for wide range of community people.

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