Water Test and How to test water at home?

Water test is important part of health and well being. Whether you are checking contamination levels in a pool, spa, well, aquarium, or tap, water testing is a crucial task to perform to maintain your home’s health. There are a wide variety of water testing kits available, so finding the correct testing method for your home can be overwhelming and confusing. Both at-home water test kits and laboratory water tests provide results that can grant you peace of mind, but some test kits are more advantageous in certain conditions than others.

Health Impacts of Lead:
-Neurological: Even at low levels, lead exposure is linked to lower IQ, developmental issues, hearing loss & essential tremor.
-Cardiovascular: Long term exposure to lead is know to increase blood pressure leading to heart attacks and stroke.
-Renal: Elevated blood pressure form long term lead exposure reduces kidney function.
-Fertility: Lead Exposure can affect reproductive health, reducing fertility in both men and Women.
-Pregnanc: Lead can cross the placenta and lead to miscarriage, pre-term birth, low birth weight and delayed puberty.
-Psychological: Exposure to lead can lead to many behavioural problems including depression, anxiety and ADHD.

How to test water at home

Home water test kits are less expensive and more convenient than laboratory testing. They can be used in instances where neither comprehensive testing nor near-perfect accuracy is required. The most common uses for at-home water test kits include well, pool, spa, and aquarium monitoring.

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