tellmeGen DNA Test Advanced (Health, Ancestry, Traits and Wellness

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tellmeGen DNA Test Advanced (Health, Ancestry, Traits and Wellness) More Than 400 Updated Reports

  • 7 DNA TESTS IN 1: tellmeGen is the DNA test that informs you about your genetic susceptibility to more than 400 reports related to your health predispositions, carrier status, pharmacogenetics, ancestry, wellness and traits. Your results will be ready in 4-6 weeks.
  • HEALTH, ANCESTRY AND TRAITS DNA TESTING: You can get dozens of personalised reports on how genetics might influence your health, your offspring’s health, personal traits and wellness, as well as learn about your ancestry and find possible genetic relatives.
  • FREE UPDATES: Genetics is a constantly evolving science. Unlike other options, the studies used to calculate our results are regularly reviewed, ensuring that you have access to the most recent information at no additional cost.
  • PERSONALIZED GENETIC REPORTS: Knowing your genetic information is very useful. With your DNA test kit you can adapt your lifestyle, diets or fitness habits and improve your well-being.
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