Sodium Chloride NaCl Inhalation Saline Solution

KNOXZY Sterile Isotonic Saline Solution 0.9% – Sodium Chloride NaCl – Inhalation Saline Solution for Humidifying The Airways – 20 X 2.5 ml Unit Dose Vials, Pharmaceutical Grade

  • Sterile Solution For Improvement Of Respiratory Tract Function: Knoxzy sterile isotonic 0.9% sodium chloride saline solution is used for the humidification of the upper and lower airways.
  • Works Effectively for Humidifying the Airway : Knoxzy isotonic Inhalation Solution is highly compatible with body fluids and ensures sufficient humidification of the respiratory mucosa, thus avoiding the unpleasant sensation of dryness. This process helps the airways natural cleaning mechanisms, which is of benefit incases if inflammation or pollution exposure or following the inhalation of Dust or Smoke.
  • Sterile product: Sterilized using Aseptic Processing technique and preservative free
  • Knoxzy Isotonic 0.9% Sodium Chloride Inhalation Saline Solution: Comes with 2 sachets of 10 single-use pre-measured 2.5ml Preservative and additive-free sterile saline vials per container. Strips of ten ampoules are overwrapped in a laminate foil pack. Saline Nebulizer Solution is available in boxes containing 20 units of 2.5ml Dose
  • How To Use: Depending on the need, up to four vials per day can be used (with one vial per inhalation). Break off a unit-dose vial and open it by twisting off the top, Pour the solution into the nebulizer. Use your nebulizer according to the manufacturer’s instructions provided with the system.
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