Sinocare Blood Glucose Test Strips

sinocare (Safe Accu2) Blood Glucose Test Strips/Blood Sugar Test Strips 100 pcs No Need Code & Lancing Devices x 100 / for sinocare Safe ACCU2 Blood Glucose Monitor Only

  • Pls ensure these test strips matche the model of your own blood glucose meter before purchasing (the blood glucose meter model should be Sinocare Safe-accu 2) . This product includes 100 pcs blood sugar test strips and 100 lancing devices.
  • No code required, all test strips can be self calibrated, making measurement of blood glucose faster and more convenient.
  • Sinocare Safe-accu 2 blood glucose test strips have strong anti-interference ability and accurately reflect the true level of blood glucose.
  • Providing the most consistent and accurate test results with affordable price for every family.
  • After opening the bottle of test strips, in order to prevent oxidation of the test strip and not affect the test results, please use them up within six months after opening per bottle.
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