Saliva Drug Test Kits for Cannabis, Cocaine & Heroin

3 x Saliva Drug Test Kits – 3 Drug Oral Fluid Testing Kit – Tests for Cannabis, Cocaine & Heroin (Opiates) – One Step

  • 3-in-1 SALIVA DRUG TEST: Our saliva drug test kit detects the presence of three commonly abused substances, including Cocaine (crack), Marijuana (cannabis) and Opiates (heroin). Get reliable and accurate results for multiple drugs with a single test
  • FAST AND QUICK RESULTS: Within minutes, our saliva drug test delivers fast and easy-to-read results. No need to wait for lab analysis or send samples away. Obtain prompt results in the privacy of your home or workplace
  • CONFIDENTIAL AND PRIVATE TESTING: Conduct drug tests discreetly and confidentially in the comfort of your own space. Our saliva drug test kit ensures privacy and allows you to maintain confidentiality throughout the testing process
  • SUITABLE FOR VARIOUS SETTINGS: Whether you’re a concerned parent, an employer, or an individual monitoring your own drug use, our saliva drug test kit is ideal for various environments. It can be used at home, in workplaces, schools, or clinics
  • WHEN TESTING FOR CANNABIS using Saliva as a sample, the maximum detection period is 24 hours after use. If you are looking to see when your body is clear of THC then you need to test with urine tests. Urine testing offers you a far longer period of detection. The detection period is an average of 30 days until your THC levels drop below the test cut-off
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