Retainer Cleaner Tablet, Mouth Guard, Dentures, Aligners

Retainer Cleaning Tablets – 120 Tablets 4 Months Supply Retainer Fresh, Brite, and Stain-Free – Retainer Cleaner Tablet, Mouth Guard, Dentures, Aligners

  • Minty Fresh No Nasty After Taste – Our Retainer Cleaner Tablets are expertly formulated to rigorously effervesce in a retainer bath and clean your retainers, dentures with a minty odour
  • ⭐ Eliminates 99.9% Of Stains, Odours & Discolouration – Retainer Fresh tablets use ingredients that restore your dental appliance helping tartar removal for teeth leading to perfect brite clean items.
  • 💯 Works With All Your Dental Appliances- Retainer Fresh is the #1 versatile brite retainer tablets! For use with Retainers, Dentures, Clear Braces, Aligners, Partial Dentures, Mouth Guards, Night Guards, Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • ⏱️ Express Clean Time – Just drop one tablet into warm or cold tap water as part of your daily aligner cleaner routine and soak your items for 15 minutes or more for a fresh dental appliance
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