Professional 7-in-1 Rapid Drug Test Dip Cards

5 x Aydmed Professional 7-in-1 Rapid Drug Test Dip Cards | Urine Drug Tests Kit | Test for Cocaine, Opiates, Methadone, Amphetamines, Cannabis, Ecstasy & Benzodiazepines

  • RAPID RESULTS: Test urine for the presence of Cocaine (300ng/mL), Opiates (2,000ng/mL), Methadone (300ng/mL), Amphetamines (1,000ng/mL), Cannabis (50ng/mL), Ecstasy (500ng/mL) & Benzodiazepines (300ng/mL) in just five minutes. No need to book a doctor’s or hospital appointment and no delay in obtaining results.
  • PROFESSIONAL ACCURACY: Using the same drug-testing system as the NHS and European Health Service, conduct drug of abuse tests for the highlighted drugs with an accuracy level of up to 99.99%. Perfect for home drug testing, workplace drug testing, school/college/university drug testing and substance abuse rehabilitation centres.
  • EASY RESULT INTERPRETATION: Utilising an easy to read line result system, read test results directly on the individual 7-in-1 rapid drug test dip cards within the results windows under each corresponding drug of abuse.
  • SAFE & STERILE: Produced in a high quality manufacturing facility, each 7-in-1 rapid drug test dip card is individually wrapped in a secure and sterile foil packet to maintain effectiveness and prevent contamination.
  • FIVE PACK: Each pack includes five 7-in-1 rapid drug test dip cards allowing for the testing of five individual urine samples. A detailed instruction manual is also provided for full user clarity.
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