Pantothenic Acid and vitamin B6 Support psychological function and Nervous System function

5HXT Pro – UK Legal Formula – High Strength 4000mg Griffonia Seed from 200mg Extract Per Serving – Supports Psychological Function – Vegetarian & Vegan – High Strength (120 Capsules)

  • 5HXT Pro High Strength – Every 2 capsule serving provides 4000mg equivalent of Griffonia Seed from 20:1 extract, our unique formula has been developed in full compliance with UK legal requirements
  • Why We Use Griffonia Seed – Griffonia seed is an entirely natural ingredient, avoiding the need for artificially produced alternatives
  • Research Backed Formula – Our formula is enhanced with key nutrients for maximum user benefit
  • Approved Health Benefits – With added Pantothenic Acid and vitamin B6 which has been research-proven by the EFSA to contribute to normal psychological function and normal nervous system function
  • 120 Vegan Capsules – Every tub of 5HXT Pro provides a full 120 Vegetarian & Vegan friendly capsules which provides 60 servings – a 2 month supply
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