Pain Relief Patches Natural Deep Heat Patches

Pain Relief Patches Hemp Formula Natural Deep Heat Patches Hemp Cream Formula Self Adhesive Direct to Skin for Muscle Joints Shoulder Neck Back Hip Knee | Up to 12 Hours Warm x20

  • NATURAL HEMP HEAT PATCHES: These large natural hemp pain patches are fast acting and ideal for soothing comfort for muscles or joints. These wellness patch help circulation, relax muscles, help loosen joints and muscles. An alternative to hemp cream, this multifunctional herbal, natural hemp heat patch with hemp seed oil and natural essential oils is designed to deliver hemp and heat remedy including for pre and post-exercise, and to support your daily activity.
  • PAIN RELIEF PATCHES: Natural Hemp pain patches for effective help to soothe muscles, joints. Can be used on back, shoulders, arms, hip, legs, knee. Use as an alternative to hemp cream or hemp balm, hemp heat patches are ultra thin and discreet and safely provide hemp and heat for up to 12 hours. Use at home, in the office office or outdoors. Unlike other hemp patches, you will also get a constant heat to the desired area for maximum comfort.
  • HEAT PATCHES DIRECT TO SKIN: These Hemp seed oil patches are perfect for muscles pain for pre and post-workout, heavy lifting, sitting or standing for long periods at work. Contains hemp seed oil to assist with natural recovery of sore and stiff muscles. These hemp patches contain hemp seed oil to manage discomfort on neck, back shoulder, legs, knee or other places of discomfort. Heat patch for back.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE PATCH: These self adhesive deep heat patches made with hemp seed oil, ideal to manage discomfort. Comfortable, breathable, easy to apply, use the herbal patch and leave on for up to 12 hours. For gym, workplace or home. These herbal patch plasters are vegan friendly and natural. An alternative to hemp cream, hemp gel or use as an alternative to hot hemp massage cream or hot hemp balm.
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