Male Fertility Test – Sperm Count, Progressive Movement & Volume

Completely-at-Home Male Fertility Test – Sperm Count, Progressive Movement & Volume with Home Sperm Test in 15 Minutes with Accurate Results Using Your Smartphone. 2-Test Kit.

  • ✅ TEST SPERM QUALITY AT HOME – Analyze sperm volume, concentration, and progressive movement with your smartphone. Get results in 20 minutes, no clinic visits needed!
  • ✅ AI-POWERED ANALYSIS – Record sperm with 200x magnification. AI analyzes quality and suggests lifestyle improvements for increased conception chances. 95%+ accuracy vs. clinics.
  • ✅ PERSONALIZED APP PROGRAM – View results, get insights, and access a bespoke plan to boost fertility and pregnancy chances. Accessible anywhere with your smartphone.
  • ✅ COMPLETE HOME TESTING KIT – Everything you need for convenient testing, including the ExSeed device, slides, wipes, and sample cups. No need to send anything away.
  • ✅ EXPERT SUPPORT – CE-certified self-tests meet WHO standards. In-house fertility experts review every test and answer your questions for peace of mind.


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