Maca Root Pure Peruvian Ginseng Maca with Ashwagandha for Men

Maca Root 6000mg –100% Pure Peruvian Ginseng Maca – with Ashwagandha -180 Vegan Black Maca Root Tablets – Not Capsules – (3 Month Supply) Food Supplement Made in UK by New Leaf


  • BLACK MACA ROOT – Our Maca Root supplement contains a high strength 35:1 Black Maca Root extract which provides 6000mg of Maca per a two tablet serving, we have also added a 20:1 Ashwagandha Extract in our unique formula, in order to offer the highest possible benefits.
  • MACA COMPLEX – Black Maca or more commonly known as Peruvian ginseng is a very popular herbal food supplement along with Ashwagandha thereby bringing you some of the most popular products combined, in a unique complex. Each tablet (not maca capsules) is easy to swallow and with each bottle will last 90 days.
  • MACA & ASHWAGANDHA – Our Black Maca Complex, is one of the highest strength supplements and comes from pure black Maca Root powder extract that is suitable for both men and women. We only use high quality, non-GMO ingredients that are free from artificial colours or flavours and allergens such as gluten and lactose, our maca complex is also vegan friendly.


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