Lung Exerciser Spirometer Breath Measurement System

Respi-Ex Deep Breathing Lung Exerciser, 3 Ball Incentive Spirometer, Washable and Hygienic Breath Measurement System, Package with Hygienic Seal.

  • Compact, high quality break-resistant plastic, 3-ball inhaling breath measurement system.
  • 3 color coded balls for differing inhalation rates – from 600cc/sec, 900cc/sec, 1200 cc/ sec.
  • Detailed Illustrated instructions included. Helps to develop, improve and maintain respiratory fitness
  • Can be dismantled for washing, cleaning and disinfection
  • 3-balls Lung Exerciser inhaling breath measurement system. Helps in achieving maximal lung expansion and strengthening cough effort which helps in maintaining clear airways
  • Number of items: 1
  • Unit count: 1.0
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