Entrolax Constipation Relief Tablets 5mg Bisacodyl

Entrolax Constipation Relief Tablets, 60 Count, 5mg Bisacodyl per Tablet, Fast Acting Overnight Relief, PEAKWISE Bundle Including Constipation Relielf & Prevention Guides

  • Fast Acting Relief: Entrolax Constipation Relief Tablets start working within 6-12 hours for overnight relief from uncomfortable symptoms.
  • Gentle Formula: Each tablet contains 5mg of the gentle, natural stimulant Bisacodyl to encourage bowel movements without harsh chemicals or ingredients.
  • 60 Tablets Provided: This package includes 60 fast-acting Entrolax tablets, providing enough for ongoing prevention and relief of occasional constipation.
  • Unlock Additional Guides: Access bonus resources for constipation relief and prevention. Scan the QR code to uncover natural remedies and lifestyle suggestions for maintaining regularity
  • Doctor Recommended: Entrolax is a trusted, doctor-recommended, that provides safe and effective relief of occasional constipation for over 20 years.


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