Doctor Gut IBS Relief Capsules

Doctor Gut IBS Relief Capsules, Tummy Pain Relief, Bloating Relief, Trapped Wind & Gas Relief – Drug-Free, Natural Clay, Expels Harmful Causes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  • BLOATING RELIEF CAPSULES – A powerful treatment for bloating relief, Doctor Gut’s innovative drug-free formula binds to harmful irritants and gently expels them through the stool. Provides relief from tummy pain and discomfort. A natural, effective alternative to other medicines
  • EFFECTIVE SYMPTOM RELIEF – Doctor Gut’s active adsorbent efficiently absorbs toxins, bacteria, and rotavirus within the gut, preventing attachment to intestinal membranes. Simethicone allows gas bubbles to combine and pass more easily with less discomfort, eliminating pain, distension, and bloating
  • SAFE & FAST RELIEF – Prioritising safety, our gas relief capsules are suitable for adults and children aged 12+. It provides effective relief of abdominal pain, distension, bloating, and excess gas. May affect the absorption of some orally administered medicines
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