Candida Support Probiotics Capsules for Men and Women

Candida Support – 180 Vegan Capsules – 3 Months Supply – For Men & Women – With Aloe Vera, Caprylic Acid, Grape Seed Extract & Rosemary Powder & Probiotics 400 Million CFU – Candida Cleanse Supplement


  • WHY WEIGHTWORLD’S CANDIDA SUPPORT CAPSULES? – Are you looking for a natural candida support alternative to keep your intimate flora & gut in check? Each serving of our Candida Complex supplement provides an incredible blend of 15 active ingredients comprising Caprylic acid, Rosemary leaf powder, Garlic powder, Aloe Vera powder, Cinnamon bark powder, Quercetin, Oregano powder, Zinc and 400 million live bacteria to take care of your immune and overall wellness.
  • 400 MILLION BACTERIAL CULTURES PER SERVING – Our Candida supplement are based on an effective formula that offers 2 unique strains of gut-friendly live bacteria, that is, 200 million Lactobacillus Acidophilus & 200 million Bifidobacteria probiotic. Our capsules are an effective yet easy way to help with Candida. A formula made for both women and men, they soothe your body internally & offer the ease it requires.
  • GIVE THE NATURAL SUPPORT YOUR BODY DESERVES – Keep your gut buddies balanced naturally with our Candida vegan supplement. It consists Zinc, which contributes to the normal function of the immune system & to normal acid-base metabolism (EFSA). The probiotic cultures in candida supplement help keep your tummy in good shape, while Aloe vera extract and herbs for overall health, providing the comfort you need when dealing with candida.
  • HIGH-QUALITY VEGAN CAPSULES FOR 3 MONTHS – Each bottle offers 180 Candida capsules (not Candida tablets), which will keep you replenished for 3 months. Our probiotics for gut are free from GMOs, gluten & contain no artificial ingredients. We take pride in sourcing the most natural, rigorously lab-tested ingredients. If you are not satisfied with the results of our candida cleanse supplement for women and men, then you can reach out to our customer support team.
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