Buscopan IBS Relief for IBS Pain and Cramps

Buscopan IBS Relief – Targets the Source of IBS Pain and Cramps- starts to work in 15 minutes – 20 Tablets- – Relief from IBS Pain & discomfort

  • UK’S #1 CHOICE FOR IBS RELIEF: Buscopan IBS Relief is for medically confirmed IBS and is the UK’s number one choice for IBS relief
  • STARTS TO WORK IN 15 MIN: For fast relief of abdominal pain, Buscopan IBS Relief starts to work in 15 minutes
  • EFFECTIVE RELIEF: Buscopan IBS Relief effectively relieves cramping, abdominal pain and discomfort associated with IBS
  • TARGETS THE SOURCE OF PAIN: Different from analgesics, it is specifically designed to target the source of pain and cramps
  • ACTIVE INGREDIENT: The antispasmodic active ingredient, hyoscine butylbromide , works by relaxing the smooth muscle in the bowel and thus relieving the cramp that causes the pain
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