Body Powder for Men, Natural Deodorant

Chassis Ice Max Premium Body Powder for Men, Natural Deodorant with 10 Times The Cooling Sensation, Free of Talcum Powder, Parabens, and Menthol


  • CHASSIS ICE MAX POWDER FOR MEN: The same incredible formula as our Original Premium Powder but with 10 times the cooling action. Get your motor running with the odour protection and chafing relief you need—all in one convenient powder. Chassis specialises in natural, long-lasting care for your undercarriage.
  • ODOUR ABSORBING: Sweat equals smell. This body powder for men uses our revolutionary Hydro-Shield technology to get to the root of the problem. It reduces sweat to help keep you dry but never turns pasty like traditional powders. This powder blocks odours with baking soda, nature’s own deodorant. Trust the original premium powder that started it all: Chassis. Each powder features the proprietary Power Extract Blend and exclusive Hydro-Shield Technology, delivering the ultimate user experience.
  • CHAFING-PROTECTION POWDER: Sometimes you need protection from thigh chafing. This powder smooths and freshens the chafe zone, so you don’t have to worry about a painful rash during your workout. Eliminate friction and stay dry with this useful body powder.
  • COOLING NATURAL DEODORANT: With this deodorant, you can be protected, cool, and confident from morning to night. Want a greater cooling experience? Shake on some more! The more you apply, the more invigorating the cooling sensation.
  • TALC-FREE BODY POWDER: We use simple ingredients in our powders instead of crazy chemicals that you can’t even pronounce. All of our powders are free of talc powder, aluminum, and parabens. We also use natural ingredients like baking soda, pumpkin seed extract, aloe, witch hazel, and oat flour.
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