Bladder Health and Urinary Flow |

Bladder Health & Urinary Flow |  300mg Go-Less® | Pumpkin Seed Extract & Soy Germ Extracts | Added Vitamin B6, D3 & Zinc | Vegan


  • NATURAL RELIEF: Contains Go-Less® with pumpkin seed and soy extracts to support bladder health and less frequent nighttime trips to the bathroom.
  • HORMONAL SUPPORT: Features vitamins B6, D3 and zinc to maintain hormonal balance important for urinary functions.
  • GENTLE FORMULA: A natural solution suitable for both men and women looking for relief from frequent urination without harsh chemicals or caffeine.
  • PROVEN INGREDIENTS; Go-Less® is clinically shown to support bladder control with pumpkin seed’s fatty acids and plant sterols plus soy germ’s isoflavones.
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