Bladder Control Tablets Relieve Urgency for Overactive Bladder

Jude Bladder Control Tablets  Daily Supplement, Reduce Leaks, Relieve Need-to-Go Urgency, Improve Sleep, Overactive Bladder Tablets, 60 Capsules

  • CLINICALLY PROVEN RELIEF – Reduce daily leaks by 66% and experience 70% fewer night wees with Jude Bladder Strength Supplements. Strengthen pelvic floor muscles, decrease bladder pressure, and combat stress and urge incontinence. Recommended daily support for men and women
  • IMPROVE PELVIC FLOOR RECOVERY – helps repair pelvic floor muscles, similar to kegels, while enhancing urinary flow and control. Soy phytoestrogen boosts collagen production and builds muscle strength, benefiting postpartum mothers and menopausal women. Additionally, soy germ extract relaxes the bladder, and pumpkin seed extract supports pelvic floor muscles, promoting ‘normal’ sensations
  • RESTFUL SLEEP, MORE ENERGY – Conquer an overactive bladder with Jude Bladder Strength Supplements. Minimise night-time bathroom visits, enjoy restful sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed and energised for the day ahead. Say goodbye to interrupted sleep and embrace revitalised mornings
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Similar to how Cranberry and D Mannose are natural supplements for UTIs, Jude Bladder Strength supplements contain two powerful, natural ingredients known to help strengthen pelvic muscles, so you can hold it for longer. Kind to your body and with low side effects, it’s a long-term solution to soothe an overactive bladder
  • LONG-TERM SUPPORT, NO SIDE EFFECTS – Trust the Jude Standard for high-quality supplements. Our gentle yet effective approach builds and maintains bladder strength over time, without any downsides for your health. Start noticing a difference in week three, with over 80% of users experiencing improvement after twelve weeks
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