Bath Oil Emollient to Moisturise & Hydrate Dry Skin

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E45 Bath Oil 500 ml – E45 Bath Oil Emollient to Moisturise & Hydrate Dry Skin – Gently Cleanses for Soft Skin – Soap Free & Perfume Free Emollient Bath & Shower Oil Body Wash – Dermatologically Tested

  • MOISTURISE DRY SKIN – Our E45 Emollient Bath Oil moisturises dry skin by retaining the skin’s natural moisture and is dermatologically tested and suitable to gently cleanse dry skin. The emollient formulation cleanses your skin and leaves it feeling deeply moisturised. E45 bath oil can be used every day by the whole family, including infants over the age of 1 month, to keep the skin soft long after leaving the bath or shower.
  • MOISTURE-RETAINING INGREDIENTS – E45’s Emollient Bath Oil contains only 3 ingredients with no added soap, colour or perfume. The Cetyl Dimethicone in the bath oil acts as a skin protectant by preventing water loss and retaining skin moisture. The unique emollient formulation cleans the skin and leaves it feeling nice and soft. E45 Emollient Bath Oil has been clinically proven to moisturise dry and itchy skin and relieves and helps prevent dry skin by retaining the skin’s natural moisture.
  • HOW TO USE – You can use our bath oil in the bath or shower according to your needs. For Adults, use the measuring cap and pour 15ml into a full bath of warm water. For Children, pour 5-10ml into a small bath of warm water. Relax in bath for at least 10 minutes. For shower, pour onto a sponge and massage lightly onto wet skin. You don’t need to use soap, just our bath oil to gently cleanse the skin. Take care not to slip if using in the bath and gently pat skin dry with a towel.


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