Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment for Women

Balance Activ Gel | Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment for Women | Works Naturally to Rapidly Relieve Symptoms of Unpleasant Odour, Discomfort & Discharge Associated with BV

  • CLINICALLY PROVEN: UK’s number 1 treatment brand for Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) based on IRI unit sales, 12 months ending March 2021 – clinically proven so you can expect results
  • EASY-TO-USE: Box contains a 1-week treatment (7 daily doses) of easy-to-use vaginal gel-filled applicators – single-use, non-sticky and discreet – ideal for use before bedtime
  • ANTIBIOTIC-FREE: Lactic acid and glycogen work naturally to restore normal pH and vaginal flora by encouraging the growth of your body’s lactobacilli, a protective bacterium
  • FAST & EFFECTIVE relief from BV symptoms such as embarrassing odour, abnormal discharge, and discomfort, and helps restore and maintain pH balance after your period, sex, exercising or perspiring
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