Aromatherapy Lavender Oil Skin Care, Hair Growth,

 Lavender  Oils  Aromatherapy Diffuser, Skin Care, Hair Growth, Calming Relaxing.


  • Lavender Essential Oil for Skin: Add 3-5 drops of Lavender oil into 50g skin care products like toner/serum/creams, mixed well and apply on face every morning and evening
  • Lavender Oil for Hair: Add 1-2 drops of lavender oil to shampoo and conditioner and use on hair,it can moisturize the scalp and promote hair growth
  • Restful Night Sleep Formula: Add 2 drops of lavender oil into pillow, or 4 drops into diffuser, the lavender floral scent will spread over, which will help you to create calm and peaceful atmosphere, enhance a good night sleep
  • Safer: The lavender essential oil we make is steam distilled from Bulgaria lavender, and tested for purity and composition by GC/MS, MSDS, COA, IFRA, etc.



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