Arnica Cream for Bruising and Swelling Muscle Pain Relief

Muscle Pain Relief. Arnica Cream for Bruising and Swelling. 100% Natural Ingredients. Joint Pain Relief. Arnica Gel Muscle Balm.


  • ULTIMATE BALM FOR MUSCLE PAIN –  uniquely formulated Muscle Balm is enriched with 4 carefully selected essential oils known to reduce muscle inflammation and muscle bruising. The balm melts at your fingertips for that perfect massage consistency.
  • 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS – It’s easy to assume that pain relief comes from chemicals. Our muscle balm is a Shea Butter base with Arnica and Wintergreen essential oil. 0% Nasties – 100% Recovery.
  • A POST-WORKOUT ESSENTIAL – Whether you’re fresh out of the gym, just walked off the pitch, or back in from a run a massage oil for pain relief will get you back out there faster and stronger, quicker.
  • GETTING THE MOST OUT OF YOUR BALM – Our balm goes a long way! You don’t need a lot. Need muscle pain relief? Shoulder pain relief? Can’t get rid of that niggling bruise? Gently massage the balm into the target area – feel it get to work in less than 10 minutes.
  • OUR PROMISE – Here at excl, we strive for excellence. We’re confident you’ll love our product just as much as we did sourcing the ingredients and formulating it. We promise to provide the highest quality ingredients possible, no questions asked. Give our Ultimate Recovery Balm 100g a go – we’re pretty sure you won’t be disappointed!
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