Anusol Cream for Haemorrhoids Treatment

Anusol Cream for Haemorrhoids Treatment – Shrinks Piles, Relieves Discomfort and Soothes Itching.

  • Anusol Haemorrhoids & Pile Cream delivers medication right where it’s needed, to target and treat haemorrhoids for fast acting relief both internally and externally
  • Triple action haemorrhoid relief cream: Shrinks piles, relieves discomfort and soothes itching, also helping to reduce swelling
  • This product contains antiseptic, protective and astringent properties, with active ingredients Bismuth oxide, Zinc oxide and Balsam Peru for effective piles treatment
  • Anusol haemorrhoid treatment cream is made for the rapid relief of internal and external piles, and other associated conditions such as pruritus ani, proctitis and anal fissures
  • Easy to use and fast-acting formula with anti-inflammatory benefits


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